Before the event:

  • Preliminary search and analysis
  • Location and date selection
  • Preparation of the budget and the project costs
  • Analysis of the target audience
  • Establishing the methods and work processes
  • Defining the key roles on the organization process
  • Elaborating the action plan for the event
  • Organization and preparation of the sponsorship contracts
  • Defining the potential sponsors
  • Defining the registration taxes
  • Fixing the registration taxes payment system
  • Elaboration of the event program
  • Planning the official gala dinners and special programs
  • Organizing the exhibitors’ stands
  • Organizing and providing the audio-visual techniques
  • Logistics and organization of the speakers lectures and publications
  • Organization and design of the print materials
  • Defining the payment deadlines for sponsors and taxes

During the event

  • On-site coordination of the team
  • Meetings with the hotel personnel on all logistic matters
  • Organization of the registration stand and the on-site registration process
  • Organization of the on-site payments

After the event:

  • Organization of all invoices
  • Preparation of detailed report
  • Sending of all presentation materials, abstracts and lectures